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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
  Anonymous Cog Finds Love Part VIII

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After I graduated from High School, I picked a Junior College about two hundred miles away from my folks. It was a real stretch for me, I had never been on my own. If I had not had the help of some great roommates, I would have never made it. We became like a family. I found a Joe-job flipping burgers and settled in to get my degree.

I still was not having much luck with women. I pulled off a couple of dates during school. I dated a nice Malaysian girl, but she made sure I knew she wouldn't marry me because I was not Malaysian. At the time, I was thinking, "Gee, I was thinking I wouldn't marry you because you're kind of nuts, but I guess you have a good reason too." I had a lot of these dates where it didn't feel like a date. By that I mean there was no spark. We were "just friends", we were just "hanging out", even if I originally thought I had made a date, I was horribly wrong.

I met a girl at the restaurant I worked at that went to the same college I did. We became good friends, but when I made it clear I wanted more, she lost her cool and really hurt my feelings. This one was especially tough because she was so smart and classy that she seemed perfect for me.

I struggled to get over it and kind of moped around the restaurant for a week, just trying to figure what was next. At one point, she yelled at me, "It's always something with you,isn't AC?" I just didn't talk to her anymore. I know I was immature, but she was heartless.

College was very good socially for me. Everyone wanted to be my friend, everyone wanted to talk to me, but never any more than that. When I filled out the college application I had thought that I would finally be around some mature women, women that didn't play games like Jan, women that would take me seriously. I felt very lost for awhile. There was part of me that enjoyed being on my own, enjoyed the single life, but I still had such a void that needed to be filled.

More tomorrow.
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Anonymous Cog

Just wanted to let you know that I'm eagerly anticipating the next installment. :) Sorry things were so rough on you when you were younger, but at least I know this story has a happy ending!
I came for the call center blather, but stay now for the insiders view on the making of a young man's moral character. Fascinating. I know it has a happy ending, but I don't want it too soon. Enjoying the ride.

P.S - Don't want to derail your train of thought, but took some time to read past call center posts. Felt like I was sucked through a wormhole into a parallel universe.
Thanks for the nice comments.

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